9 Ways To Heal From A Breakup And Become Better, Not Bitter

Suddenly breaking up with that special one whom you have always imagined the future with, can be devastating and heart wrenching. It is extremely painful and difficult. The process is a long one, no one can say for long it will last.
You feel like you are never going to get out of this feeling. Will you ever love again?

The feeling fluctuates, one day you are telling yourself you are not going to get affected by it, the next day it pierces your heart that you won’t be able to still call or hear from the one person who meant the whole world to you like you used to.

You cry like a hungry baby, but the pain is just there. It’s hard I know…but you can and will get out of it. Below are some of the things to know if you are going through this life process;

1.  Cry

Don’t hold or fight back the tears when they come. It’s all part of the healing process. Cry as much as you can. it helps to ease the pain in your chest.

2.  Don’t Be Alone

It’s true that when you go through a break-up. You just feel like being all by yourself and not wanting to talk to anyone.

Yes!, that happens, but it is advised to not always be alone at this time. Break-ups trigger a lot of emotions like extreme feelings of loneliness which can lead to depression. It is advised you reach out to friends who you can talk to about it.

3.  Talk About It

Don’t just bottle it up. And keep saying you are fine while you are clearly bursting and dying inside. Open up about it to friends and family who you can trust, who will also listen and counsel you. Sometimes, you just need someone who will just sit and listen.

4.  Acknowledge It’s Not Your Fault

This process involves forgiving yourself and your Ex. you will notice that once you do that, you feel a lot better.

5.  Call Your Ex

If there is anything you are still unsure about and you need closure on. Call your ex and ask and get the answers you need to move on. I did this when I broke up with the person I was dating years ago.

I called him up and asked him some necessary questions swelling up in my head, just to be sure it wasn’t from my own end and it made me understand his reasons more.

So if you feel like you should ask, don’t hesitate at all. It actually helps in speeding up your healing process and the faster you move on.

6.  Delete /Block

You don’t want to be on social media and still be seeing their posts and not being able to comment or like. Seeing their posts brings a different kind of pain.

So to safeguard your heart and mental health, it is advised to Block, delete, mute, Restrict whichever one you feel it’s best. This will help limit your further exposure to their life that you ain’t a part of anymore.

7.  Be Occupied

Occupy or rather distract your mind with yourself. If there is something you’ve stopped doing. This is the time to start. Go on that tour, go register at the gym, register for that course, pick up your pen to start that book, and so on. it’s all about distracting yourself.

8.  Stay Positive

Tell yourself, you are beautiful, you deserve the best. Believe in yourself. See the positivity in life and in love.

9.  Time

Truth is it’s really going to take time to heal from a heartbreak. You just have to come to the terms that this person is no longer with you. but still, you have to move on without this person.

Bonus Tip: Do not be in a rush to be in another relationship. Chances are, you might be using the person to get over your ex, like a rebound.

So, give yourself time to heal and be able to say you have moved on. The most important thing to know is to always look forward to the day when your heart will not ache for the person anymore. You will wake one day and you actually don’t miss them.

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