Causes and Symptoms of Herpes You Should Know

1. Physical Contact:

The physical contact with a person who already has herpes will cause you to get the disease. Physical contact with an infected area of another person’s body will cause the infection to transfer onto your skin causing you to retain the disease. If not treated herpes can further start to disintegrate your skin causing red boils to erupt on your skin. These boils can both hurt and itch at this time.

2. Involuntary Contact:

When you eat out of the same plate as a herpes patient or use the toilet after a herpes patient then there is a 99% chance of you retaining the disease yourself. As said earlier herpes is a infection and therefore herpes like all other infections can be transferred through physical contact and it is also water borne. If a part of the infected area of an infected persons body touches the seat of the toilet or if the infection is transferred onto the tap then the infection remains on these mediums. When you use the toilet it transfers onto your skin.

3. Sexual Contact:

Usually this only happens with people who are suffering with the more advanced version of herpes also known as hsv2. Hsv2 affects your reproductive organs therefore during a sexual act this disease can transfer from one person to another. This like many other sexually transmitted diseases can be a pain to take care of, usually resulting in months of medication. Therefore if find that there are inflamed areas erupting on your body then get yourself checked immediately to save yourself the pain.

4. Stress:

Stress is one of the prime symptoms of herpes. Excessive stress can trigger the growth of this infectious diseases and you can further spread it to other people as well. There are a lot of techniques for fighting stress. All these symptoms discussed above are totally different from this one. Stress is one of the most common issues of a working individual. We deal with stress almost every day. But don’t let stress control. Fight it with some natural remedies such as yoga, sleep, etc. There are certain which help to fix stress issues as well.

5. Alcohol:

If you’re educating yourself about the causes of herpes, then you should know one thing that excessive alcohol can trigger the occurrence of herpes. A person who is addicted to alcohol has a massive chance of going down with the different symptoms of herpes compared to a person who doesn’t consume alcohol like the previous one.

6. Being Female:

Female species are the most common species to get infected with herpes. It is the females who contain this virus basically and that is why a lot of female get herpes from sexual contact (discussed earlier). It is very common and cannot be neglected. Males generally don’t carry this infection. Females get this viral infection through heredity or for some other reason such as living in an unhygienic environment or eating at dirty places. This is one of the main causes of herpes. People generally are not aware of this particular cause. You don’t have to keep a distance from girls. If you’re lucky, she will live a healthy and clean life free of any kind of infection. That’s all you can wish for as a guy.

7. Weak Immunity System:

Here is another unknown cause which is one of the most important causes of herpes. People don’t know that a weak immune system can attract the herpes virus and you might get infected with it and the symptoms of herpes will start appearing. For a proper immunity system you will have to maintain a healthy diet, exercise, take proper, etc and all the other things that we are advised to do for staying fit. One cannot just neglect this cause of herpes. If people are aware about this, they themselves can stop it from spreading.

8. Heredity:

This is yet another cause of herpes. If a mother has herpes, she can infect her child with that infectious virus. In short, she can pass the infectious herpes virus to her children. This is one of the most common causes of herpes. The child will further walk around spreading this virus through any kind of contact, be it sexual or voluntary. One way of avoiding herpes is to get the mother first and take proper measures so that the children don’t get infected with this disease.

9. Ignoring The Symptoms:

There are a lot of people who experience the symptoms of herpes pretty earlier, though they don’t take the initiative of getting them checked and that is one of the prime causes of herpes as they can further spread the virus. Symptoms such as infection in the anal region and blisters in the mouth are some of the common symptoms of herpes. Though, people know about it, there are a few careless victims who don’t get them checked and this is called ignoring the symptoms. According to studies, it has been proved that due to such people the spread for the virus becomes more frequent.

10. Weak Nerve Cells:

If an individual has weak nerve cells, then he or she will be infected with herpes pretty easily. Herpes virus will travel to the nerve cells after the primary entry into the body. Furthermore, these viruses can make the nerve cells dormant. There is no proper cure for herpes. It lives with you and dies with you. The same virus can cause the internal body a lot of damage when it is activated with the help of stress and such similar activities. The virus travels back following the same nerve cells causing blisters.

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