Dating after divorce: 7 reasons to take some “me” time after a split

There are many reasons why it is not worth starting a new relationship right after the end of the old one. In general, this is a big mistake, although sometimes this option seems very tempting to you. Starting a new relationship, make sure that there are all the conditions for its successful development.

Any relationship takes time, and new relationships require it twice as much. You should have enough time to build a new relationship, and you should have enough time to make new acquaintances. If you do not have free time because of your regular employment, then it is better to delay with any relationship, unless of course he is your colleague at work or you are not studying at the same university.

If, after breaking up, you feel abandoned, if you want to meet someone not to feel lonely, then you should not do this. The best way out of this situation is complete acceptance of your loneliness. Let’s look at 7 main reasons to take some time after a split:

#1. You need to know your identity outside of others. You should know yourself better, and for this you need to stay out of a relationship at least for a while.

#2. You have to grieve the emotional investment before you can move forward. You need to mature and come to a new relationship consciously and only then you will be ready for happiness.

#3. Time alone can increase your confidence. Do not run from your subconscious and your inner voice. On the contrary, only by listening to it, you will be able to feel true harmony with yourself.

#4. You will see your past relationship in a whole new light without someone else’s influence. You should consider why your relationship has disintegrated and what you would like to see in men and what kind of a relationship you want to create with them now.

#5. You can take time to discern which traits are important to you in a future partner. Thus, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

#6. The more you process on your own, the less you will burden another person with it. Being hurt, you can hurt another person near you.

#7. You have to do the work yourself. Otherwise, your new boyfriend will always be associated with your ex and you will not be able to get rid of this constant comparison.

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