Do You Feel Pain In Your Knees? Try This Stretch

In this featured video, one fitness leader shows an amazingly effective way to reduce your knee pain significantly. Before or after you watch the video, check out the step-by-step instructions.Fold a hand towel in half.

Sit on a chair or sofa couch.

Place the towel underneath your knee. Tuck in the towel as deep as possible.

Bend your knee up so that your foot rests on the chair or sofa couch. The towel should be stuck underneath your knee.

Wrap your hands around your shin and tug. (This motion is to create space inside your knee joint and relieve your knee pain, while using the towel as a cushion.)

Repeat Step 5 20 times.

Do this exercise 4-5 times per week.

This routine must be done regularly, and if done properly, will help loosen, relax, and ultimately heal your knees. In no time, your knees will be feeling much, much better!

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