Fold Clothes In These Ways To Save Space

Here are seven of the best clothing folding and storage hacks to save you space.


In the Army, they even have rules about how to fold your socks. This method does, however, save you space. First, lay a sock on top of your other sock. Move your top sock down slightly and roll your socks nice and tight. Use the bottom sock’s elastic to secure them together. These tiny bun-shaped sock pods will give you extra space in your sock drawer.

Tank Tops

Lie your tank top upside down and backward. Fold your straps up to the top. Fold your tank top in thirds and fold the bottom half upwards.



You can easily double the number of shirts in your drawer with this method. First, lay your shirt down with the print facing up. Then fold your shirt in half length-wise. Make sure the print is still facing upwards.

Next, fold your sleeves in and fold your shirt in half width wise wit the sleeves tucked in. Fold again width-wise. You can place your shirts in rows in your drawer with the print fold at the top so you can easily identify your shirts.



Fold in one side of your undies, then the other. Next, fold down the top. Fold the bottom over and tuck it into your top fold. Now you have a little panty square that you can store upright in your drawer.



Bras are one thing that you actually DO NOT want to fold. This will cause them to lose their shape. So to save space, you’ll want to stack them together behind one another. This will make the most out of your drawer space will keeping them in shape so they last longer.


Fold your pants in half. Fold over the butt part if it sticks out. Then fold the legs up to meet the waistband. Repeat this again and store your pants upright in a drawer to save space.


Fold the top over on itself and fold the bottom so that it is the same width as your top part. Gently roll up the bottom into the top part of your piece.


Sweater or Long Sleeved Shirt

Lay your sweater or long sleeved shirt down backward. Next, fold the sleeves over and onto each other. Then, fold the sleeve from the collar to the ends to the center of your garment on both sides. Flip the bottom part of your garment to meet the top and flip over and stack.


Fold the side of your hoodie into the center starting from the shoulder. Then fold your sleeve onto that half and repeat on the other side. Next, fold your hood down onto the center of your sweater shirt. Finally, fold the bottom half of your sweatshirt onto the top half covering the hood so you have a perfect square.

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