How To Be a Woman Every Man Needs In His Life!

Who doesn’t want the perfect partner and relationship? But this don’t just fall from the sky, and especially for people who come in your life and should stay closest to you, you really need to make an effort.

A real relationship is hard to make work – there are no such things as soulmates and loves on first sights that just last forever, without any time, effort and compromises made.

We can say that every relationship goes through 2 stages at the beginning:

  • The first stage, where you enjoy the most, wear the pink sunglasses and everything is perfect, you discover new things about each other and experience your first shared moments together
  • The second stage is the adaptation period, where you or your partner gets to choose whether you’re compatible together, whether it pays off to put up with some negative aspects of each other for your future, or you need to split the roads

So, how to survive this second stage? And most importantly, how to keep the sparkle burning and not getting bored with each other, even if your relationship is long and stabile?

Here are some tips every woman should consider hanging on to be the coolest partner and keep the passion from his side always burning for her.

Show your intelligent side

If you think man only want superficial beauties, you’re wrong. Your good looks may be the one thing that made him go out with you, but your brains are definitely the one thing that will make him stay.

Always speak the truth

“trust is the glue of a relationship”. Being dishonest, whether it is something about your past r you’re just playing nice and not telling what’s bothering you to preserve the future, is never a good idea, because eventually, the truth always comes to the surface.

Maintain your COOL

Be confident, be yourself, don’t postpone your plans and social life. This will keep him interested and he would like to actually fight for your time and attention instead of you constantly giving it to him without any hesitation.

Be more affectionate and caring 

You have to learn to be both – a cool woman, but also a caring one. Most man are “mama’s boys” and need more loving than women do, but they don’t show it. Be caring, ask questions about something even though you’re not interested. Show you support for him.

Be humorous

If you want a relationship to work, you have to keep the humor and smiles during the days. Even though things might seem hard – make a joke about it! Men love woman who know how to be positive and not just be nervous drags and needy princesses all the time.

Believe in yourself

If you don’t know your own worth, don’t think that he will reward you with his high opinion of you.

Be a “right-hand” man

If you realize something’s wrong with your partner, don’t wait for him to open up in front of you like you do when you’re having a hard time. Support him because men are hard to open up about their emotions and problems

Learn when it’s the time to keep your mouth shut

It is true that women are more talkative, but no man wants a bragger, a woman who always has what to say. Even if you do, sometimes know when to be mystic and keep the words for yourself. He will show more interest in what’s going on in your head instead of always being present there, even if sometimes, he doesn’t really care.

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