How to reduce breast size with exercise, massage and tea

Ideals and concepts of beauty are constantly changing year by year. In addition, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Many women try to increase their breast in every way, but there are also many ladies who want to reduce their bust.

Of course, the busty beauties have something to be proud of, but at the same time, a large chest can also lead to a lot of inconvenience. So, women with such a chest experience excessive weight, because of which the spine is twisted, they can not afford to sleep on the stomach, and also have difficulty in choosing clothes.

However, there is also a psychological problem, because such women can complex because of the size of their own breasts and think that men get acquainted with them only because of this part of the body. Today, we will speak about how to reduce breast size with exercise, massage and tea:

#1. Cardio and strength-training exercises. As it is known, there are no muscles in the mammary glands, and therefore it is useless to train the breast.

However, an alternating load on the shoulders, back and chest area will lift the tone of this area, which will help remove excess fat from the mammary glands.

The best way to reduce the bust and to pull up the right muscles is weight training with weights or own weight.

#2. Aerobic exercises. With the help of them you will boost your metabolism and reduce the total percentage of body fat.

#3. Massage. Use coconut oil or olive oil to massage your breast. This will make it toned and beautiful.

#4. Ginger. Boil ginger with water and add honey there. This is a natural remedy against excess fat in your body, and the breast is no exception.

#5. Green tea. Try to drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day. It will make your metabolism better and you will lose excess weight.

#6. Flaxseed. Mix flaxseed with hot water and drink the mixture every day. It will remove all toxins from your body, normalize digestion and improve your weight.

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