Never Put Toilet Paper On Toilet Seat! Here’s Why

 There is no worse situation to find yourself in than urgently needing a toilet. An then the only being nearby is a public toilet which is everything but hygienic. You should be extra careful when deciding to put a toilet paper on the toilet seat, every single time when you have an urgency to do that. Initially, it seems like a good idea, but as it turns out, putting a toilet paper on the toilet seat is not the best solution.

After reading our article you will never put toilet paper on the top of the toilet seat, check why this is so wrong. The germs will surely stick to the toilet paper placed on the seat or the roll on the side. When someone is using the toilet before you flush the toilet in that bathroom germs spring of the toilet bowl in the air. The splashes can go up to two meters in height and will surely nest on the placed paper nearby.

To avoid catching a disease of someone’s else sprays that have settled on the toilet seat looks like doing the best practice. Or, maybe not?

Sitting on the toilet seat without toilet paper placed is less harmful

According to experts, the toilet seats are not carriers of the dangerous agents and you will not overtake any disease. It was only believed that toilet seats are spreading gastrointestinal or sexually spread germs. Unfortunately, the studies have confirmed that this hypothesis isn’t true.

According to some experts, the harm factor responsible for the diseases existing, are the bacteria like streptococcus and E. coli. The skin on our backs serves as an active, protective shield. We are not convincing you to avoid uncovered toilet paper in public toilets. But it’s always better to use your own toilet paper.

Toilet bowls are designed by manufacturers with solid surfaces, on the way for germs to stick on to. So they are not as dirty as we doubt they are. When there is a metal or plastic cover over the toilet paper roll, then you are lucky. It protects the paper roll from the germs.

It is recommended to keep a pack of tissues (or wet tissues) with you to use in these emergencies. Or you will have to rely on the tried and practice of squatting. Holding it in you and risk an accident or possibly as long as there’s enough toilet paper you can cover the seat and do your urge. Don’t forget to close the lid of the toilet seat before the flush. Because the cover of the toilet seat will prevent spreading the germs in the air and over the toilet paper.

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