This Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About Your Health!

The size and shape of one’s buttocks can reveal a lot of things about health. Only its size can show the general health condition of a person. Generally, people tend to believe that fat storage is bad for the health, but this might not be always true.

They come in all sizes and different shapes, and some people decided to get a little philosophical and they came to the conclusion that your butt shape is related to your overall health. If you are not sure about what your butt shape just takes a look at the mirror and have a good look. A person’s overall distribution of body fat is often a good indicator of health, but fat is not distributed equally. If you have some extra fat in your butt it can be a sign of good health. That’s because it keeps the fatty acids away from vital organs such as the heart and liver and also the arteries. But this isn’t the same for both sexes. For men having a bigger butt doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthier. It’s just that women are genetically predisposed to have bigger butts.

The “V” shape

The inverted butt shape or the “V” shape is common in women with lower estrogen levels.

The heart shape or (pear shape)

This particular but shape has significant fat distribution around the upper thighs.

The round shape

-This shape has fat distribution all around the buttock.

The “H” shape

-If you have this butt shape than fat is usually distributed around the “love handles”

If you have a perky butt, then they are a few benefits that you can enjoy. Such as an increased calorie burn and it prevents osteoporosis. But it is also linked to the pelvic cavity and easier childbirth. A dropping backside is usually a sign of weak core muscles which affect the arch your back, if your hips seem heavier, it could be a sign that you have some foot problems. People who have a flat booty tend to store the fat around their midsection rather than the lower body. This fat is more active than the fat that is associated with heart disease and diabetes.

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