Turn your Toilet Paper into Wet Wipe

By now, we all know that dry toilet paper does not really work well in wiping your bum after a number 2, does it?

For one, dry toilet paper does not leave you feeling really clean and sanitized. Heck, it could even leave poopy skid marks on your briefs or pants.

Paper MoistenerProduct ImageIngredientsSkin IrritabilityWho to use
Pristine Toilet paper Spraypristine toilet paper spray as seen on shark tankAloe vera, Witch hazel, Coconut oil, Apricot oil, Vegetable glycerin, Ylang ylang essential oilNoneBoth adults and kids
Booty Mint toilet tissue mistbooty mint gelsoothing coconut oil, witch hazel, minty scent, glycerin as well as aloe veraIrritable to baby skinAdults
Wipegel Toilet Paper Mistwipegel toilet paper gelwitch hazel, water,carbomer, prebiotic blend, almond scentNo skin irritationFor adults especially those with hemorrhoids and want a soothing effect as they wipe

Low quality toilet paper has also been found to be a lead cause of UTI in women, anal fissures as well as chaffing. I am yet to mention that it will leave you having a bad fecal odor! Now nobody wants this.

And that is why, everyone is running helter skelter looking for alternatives such as flushable wipes, family clothes or even portable bidets.

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